Streaming PresenZ Immersive Movies Today with NVIDIA CloudXR™ early access, Broadband and 5G

PresenZ + XR Streaming = The Next Generation Immersive Movie Streaming Platform

Imagine that you’re sitting in your living room, you put on a small, light-weight headset that streams content from the cloud and suddenly, you’re transported into the world of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

This has been our vision for years and the technology is finally here…

It’s working right now with NVIDIA CloudXR.

We’ve been among the few companies working with NVIDIA in their CloudXR early access program. The bottom line is that it works perfectly! And we’re not talking about lab tests, our partners have streamed PresenZ movies to an Oculus Quest through their installed broadband network. And PresenZ movies can also be streamed out of home through 5G!

Content is king ... and we enable it!

PresenZ is the perfect solution to generate in a few clicks the most stunning immersive content from the existing 3D animation and Visual Effects movie pipelines. We are working closely with studios to integrate our solution in their production pipeline so they can use their huge libraries of assets to easily create VR stories.

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