PresenZ: Render movie to VR

PresenZ is a volumetric movie format that allows 6 degrees of freedom in precomputed images with a Virtual Reality headset.

Unlike 360° movies, with PresenZ the viewer is able to move inside the image and get closer to objects or characters. Feeling like they are really there.

PresenZ can achieve the same visual fidelity audiences are used to from Visual Effects, animated feature films or High-end Architectural previsualization by integrating itself in the same creation pipelines.

Easy to use

With PresenZ you can use your existing 3D assets and software to create VR movies and images. Using our authoring plugin with your render engine, you just have to replace the existing camera by a PresenZ camera, and render using the PresenZ format. The render time is usually just 50% longer than a stereoscopic 360° render.