PresenZ + XR Streaming =
The Next Generation Immersive Movie Streaming Platform

Streaming the PresenZ format directly to your standalone VR headset is now possible through NVIDIA CloudXR™.

Construct Volumetric Movie image 08

Content Creators

Out of your existing 3D pipeline you can create stunning VR experiences with the PresenZ format.

“Construct” an award winning PresenZ VR movie is the perfect example of how you can create a unique and immersive experience from your existing 2D pipeline.

VrPark PresenZ construct

VR Cinemas and Parks

PresenZ is the next generation format for VR cinema. The 6 degrees of freedom offers a much more qualitative experience to the user, compared to 360 movies. The experience is completely immersive, and enjoyed by both VR lovers and first time users for its quality and accessibility.


PresenZ experiences can be shown in motion seats or as a stand-up experience.

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