PresenZ Update 2.0

This is our biggest update yet.
Not only does it bring some new features but it also allows for better overall image quality and reduced noise. This opens the door to better optimization and compression (coming very soon!)

1. Edges, antialiasing

We implemented better anti-aliasing corrections that will make edges smoother and closer to it's 2D counterpart.
( Image is a zoomed-in VR capture )

2. Close-by objects

In previous versions of PresenZ, objects close to the zone of view were lacking detail. In the new version this is no longer the case, regardless of distance to the zone of view.

3. Noise reduction

PresenZ 2.0 optimizes noise reduction compared to the previous versions of PresenZ.
( Image is a zoomed-in VR capture )

4. Easier to use

The new update changes the previous 18 passes system to just 2 phases. This makes distributive and network rendering easier to set up ( Compatible with Backburner™, V-ray distributed render, network render, Deadline® ) . Thanks to those changes you can now render animations from 3ds Max® and Maya®.

5. Inside the Zone of View rendering

You can now place and render an object inside the Zone of View. This can be used to present objects in 3D space while providing the freedom to completely walk around it and view the object from every possible angle. This is particularly useful for presenting a product or a conceptual design.